Adventures in web design

So I started this project and then completely neglected it. I’m probably in incredibly good company.

I’m not sure what my next step is toward becoming a freelance writer. My career is taking a new trajectory. Such is the transitioning life of a journalist, potentially former journalist, at least temporarily.

It’s hard. I didn’t realize how much of my identity became tied up in what I did. It’s sort of like mourning a part of myself.

I am lucky to be gainfully employed.

Recently, I’ve been studying web design on my own, mostly because that’s where I think journalism, media, communications have already headed. I’m behind the eight ball. There is also value in learning about something people don’t believe they can do for themselves, unlike journalism — something everyone thinks they can do but in reality can’t.

I’m linking here some of the web resources I am finding along my journey, mostly for my own future reference, but if a reader stumbles across me, than I hope you find these valuable as well.

Maybe once I learn enough I can come back and make this little blog into something I can be proud of. Yeah, so shoot me, I ended on a preposition. Excuse me, old copy editor split personality flaring up again. Ha!



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